Adult Fitness Kickboxing, MMA,

Personal Training, Boxing

Adult Personal Training, FITNESS KICKBOXING, MMA and Sparring.

McMullen Booth, Leila G. Davis, Eisenhower and Safety Harbor Elementary  After School Program!

SUMMER CAMP for all children ages 5-12.



 Hello, My name is Shane, I own "Shane's Fit Club" on S.R. 590, in Clearwater, right next to Johnny's restaurant. My program is a place where your child will participate in fitness classes, self-defense classes and have fun in a safe environment. The After School program is dedicated to McMullen Booth, Leila G. Davis, Eisenhower and Safety Harbor Elementary Schools.  The Summer Camp, and other school breaks, are available for all children ages 5-12. The focus of my program is to teach not only self-defense and fitness but also Integrity, Honor, Respect, Self Confidence and Discipline. During the Summer Camp, we will be going to parks and various field trips regularly along with the daily fitness and self-defense classes. You may drop your child off at my Dojo anytime after 7:30 a.m. and pick them up there anytime up until 6:00 p.m.  Transportation is provided to and from school.

  I am a Father of an 9 y.o. and a 12 y.o. I understand how it feels to drop your kids off at an OVER-CROWDED place where they just run wild and learn nothing while being “supervised” by a group of teen-agers, this is NOT that kind of place. I am the lead instructor and my program is limited to 14 students, so rest assured that your child will get the attention they deserve! When you consider the small class size and interaction your child will receive, I'm sure you'll appreciate the price. My after School program is only $69 per week and my Summer Camp is just $95 a week! 

Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions! 727-643-7344.

Find me on facebook, search Shane's Fit Club!

e-mail me at  
2907 S.R. 590 Clearwater FL 33759


           2907 S.R. 590 Clearwater, FL  Next to Johnny's restaurant. 


Personal Trainer/Butt Kicker, Sparring Partner, Friend.

One on One Fitness Kickboxing / MMA!

When you get serious, drop the lame group classes!

  Need that extra motivation to workout or lose weight? You know how easily you can talk yourself out of going to the gym or going for a run. Well... what if you could get a great workout, learn self defense techniques and have fun at the same time! 

  I was a cop for 15 years where I was also a defensive tactics instructor. I am a fitness instructor, have trained in Mixed Martial Arts and will be your friend.

  I have formed an awesome training routine that I call "Cardio Combat". This program will give you great results quickly, burning up to 1,000 calories per session, without the boredom! Come to get in great shape, and "accidently" become a fighter. No one is too much of a beginner or too far out of shape for this program. We will start at a comfortable level for you, then I will gradually begin to push you harder. I will make it as hard as you can take it. We will train at my Dojo, “Shane’s Fit Club”, in Clearwater, just outside Safety Harbor. 

  The great thing about this is, there is no expensive gym membership, no contracts and no hidden fees. I
don't do group classes because I believe "we" both get more out of the training when you have my total attention. Group classes are very "VANILLA" and you don't progress the way you should to get the most benefits. I will train up to four people at once in cases where someone wants to workout with their husband, daughter, friends etc. I am offering the very low rate for personal training of $30.00 per hour session or $20 each per hour if you train with up to three others. Our first meeting will be FREE,  where we will discuss your needs, assess your fitness level, take measurements and find your body fat percentage. I will also teach you the basic punches and kicks and we will try one round of kickboxing to see how you like it!

  We also have a "sparring night" for beginners! No membership needed, just "drop in" for $20. Call or e-mail for details!   

  Come get some MMA FITNESS! You will see results and you will have fun! I hope to hear from you soon.



Why is Shane's Fit Club the best choice for your child?

It's the small class size! There is a maximum of 14 students, not 60 plus like other programs. Your child will get the attention and supervision they deserve! 

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